Camera Management Unit

Upgrade your journey with the GOST Overland 8 Channel Switcher, the GO-Switcher-Box-8 Channel. This advanced device can manage up to 8 camera feeds, revolutionizing your vehicle’s surveillance with up to 8 simultaneous camera views. Whether traversing challenging terrains or camping, it ensures you maintain a comprehensive view around your vehicle. It’s a crucial enhancement for your adventures, promising increased security and adaptability with plans for more channels, making it an evolving solution for your travel needs.

Elevate your Overland and Expedition adventures with the GOST Overland 8 Channel Switcher. Introducing the GO-Switcher-Box-8 CMU, your ultimate solution for managing multiple camera feeds. Capable of connecting up to 8 cameras plus offering loopouts to XVR, this device transforms your vehicle’s monitoring system.

With the GO-Switcher-Box, seamlessly switch between up to 8 camera views simultaneously, ensuring comprehensive coverage whether you’re on the move, navigating challenging terrains, or settling down for the night. Stay vigilant from every angle with this essential addition to your vehicle’s tech arsenal. More channels are on the horizon, making it a scalable solution for your safety and peace of mind.

Key Features:

  • View 8 Cameras & Quad Display Simultaneously
  • Supports Analogue (CVBS) & HD-TVI; HDMI Output
  • Split Screen & Picture-in-Picture Options
  • Clean Wiring Setup
  • Rotary Touch Camera Controller Port
  • Durable, Moisture-Resistant Casing

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