Next-Gen Products for Overland Adventures

The newly introduced product line for the overland market features advanced GPS tracking systems and secure, durable security systems, tailored for extreme conditions. These products are specifically designed for reliability and durability in remote terrains, catering to adventurers. Incorporating energy-efficient technology and sustainable designs, this range is perfect for those seeking high-performance, eco-friendly solutions for outdoor expeditions.

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Video Surveillance

The GOST XVR system can stream real-time surveillance video on any to any computer or mobile device. This system is compatible with up to eight HD cameras and includes a four terabyte backup system capable of storing three months of footage accessible on demand.

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Satellite Tracking

GOST Satellite NAV-Tracking delivers total peace of mind. Our award-winning satellite tracking packages, powered by Inmarsat’s geostationary satellites constellation, provide you with the options to securely monitor anywhere in the world with 99.99% reliability.

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Security & Monitoring

The main control unit is the central hub for all security and monitoring devices and sensors. With the ability to monitor up to 196 hard wired or wireless devices and can be accessed and controlled locally through touchscreens or remotely from any device.

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Securing the Uncharted: Advanced Security Solutions for the Overlanding Frontier

Award-winning technology provides you with unparalleled reliability, safety and accuracy.

For more than 18 years, GOST has been a leading provider of satellite tracking, video surveillance, security and monitoring solutions. With innovative products and a commitment to research and development, our team of talented engineers & security professionals are dedicated to producing user-friendly, reliable solutions that have helped protect thousands of vessels worldwide, providing our clients with total peace of mind.

  • GPS Tracking: Real-time location tracking and geo-fencing capabilities.
  • Security Systems: Motion, infrared, and other enhanced sensors
  • Remote Monitoring: Capability to monitor and control systems remotely.
  • Video Surveillance: Live feed video surveillance with backup systems.

Pioneering Security in Overlanding - Engineered for Extreme Conditions

GOST’s products are designed to excel in the most challenging environments globally, making them ideal for the overlanding industry. Initially deployed in demanding sectors like oil rigs, maritime security, and law enforcement, our technology is now revolutionizing overlanding security. With overlanding vehicles often being targets for theft and vandalism, our robust security solutions play a crucial role in protecting these assets. We take pride in our track record of deterring theft, aiding in the swift recovery of stolen vehicles, and providing peace of mind for overlanders. Our state-of-the-art surveillance systems are adept at identifying threats, while our advanced sensors and alarms act as potent deterrents against potential intruders, ensuring safety and security in remote and rugged terrains.

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